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Email 50,000+ NEW OPT-IN Leads Every WEEK, & Watch Your Online Sales, Affiliate Sales and EVEN Your Google Adsense EXPLODE!
Do you have an online business that just hasn't taken off the way you'd hoped...have you yet to make your first affiliate sale...or do you simply want to earn an extra $2,000-$20,000 per month?  
If Yes, Then Let Us Dramatically Improve Your Sales & Income! All We Need is 10 Minutes Of Your Time, And We Will grow your OPT-IN LIST To 200,000+ Every Month!

Dear Marketer or Affiliate,

If you're like many marketers who have a great product, or a great product to affiliate, and your still not making the kind of sales you should be, it's understandable why you're so frustrated.

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I'm sure you have heard numerous times about "The List"

Well it's true. The money is in the list. However, if you don't have the 'list', how on earth are you going to get the 'money?!'

Are You Sick & Tired Of ...

Generating ZERO sales from advertising

Advertising sites as an affiliate and earning ZERO commission

Frantically Trying to find real people who will purchase your product/service

Studying search engines and SEO to try to get your site listed. And when you do, you find you're on page 25. Who goes that far back?

Falling time and time again for the "Latest Super Gizmo" all to find that it was a waste of your MONEY!

Spending a Fortune on Ads that NOBODY READS.

Trying to grow your own opt-in list... at 2 people per week.

All the "Commotion" from every so called EXPERT online.

Paying $100's to PPC search engines, such as Google, and not making a dime back.

Falling for the common RIP-OFF "E-mail 70+ Million Leads Every Month!"...C'mon, how many people do they think live in the world?!

If this sounds like you, then your business is probably missing something, something IMPORTANT, something that is the FOUNDATION of all SUCCESSFUL websites...

Email Marketing Is The Easiest & Most Effective Way To Instantly INCREASE Site Traffic, Product Sales, Affiliate Commissions & Even YOUR Google Adsense! AND I HAVE THE PROOF BELOW TO SHOW IT!

What is Email Marketing you ask? Answer: Email marketing is the promotion of products or services via email. It has been proven to be the most productive and affordable means of promoting your web site or affiliate url.

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As a result, We will give you 50,000+ NEW, & FRESH, opt-in co-registration email addresses EVERY week, in which you can promote your web site or affiliate url...Right from Your Desktop. Or if you prefer, YOU can email Your Solo Ad from our servers.

(If you don't have a web site or a product, and you don't know what "earning commissions as an affiliate" means...DON'T WORRY. I have designed this service so that you can EARN money everyday, whether you are a NOVICE or an EXPERT in email marketing! on).



I sent an ad to 800,000 Opt-In E-mails (4 months of subscription) on Tuesday 5th of June, 2007. I received a WHOPPING 85,449 visitors to my web site. Not only did my traffic stats increase, but my sales & Google Adsense EXPLODED too!! 

—   Sean Clark, Newry, UK     
Owner of     

RECORDS OF June 5th, 2007

"On Tuesday I Received 85,449 Visitors That Became Potential Customers."

"On That Same Day I Made
$12,743.19 IN PURE PROFIT. That Was An Increase of $11,613.06 (981 Sales at $14.99)

"My Google Adsense Earnings SKY-ROCKETED On The Same Day."  

"Look at how much my statistics changed in my Alexa Ranking! 13,233% increase in Site Traffic and 4,455,172 increase in Traffic Ranking!!"


As you can see from above I showed you how much I earned in one day, by sending a solo ad to a list size of 800,000 opt-ins. That was a pretty hectic day way back in June, 07. NOW, I've decided to show you VIDEO PROOF of my earnings from January 2008, from sending a solo ad to 1,000,000 opt-ins. 

"Video Proof Cannot Be Doctored!!
Click To See How Much I have Earned 
In 22 Days of January 2008!!" 

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Added On The 22nd of January 2008


***Every Month We Will Promote Sean Clark's Website, And Add His Earnings To Our Web Site, To Show You That Our Product Works!!*** 

January Earnings = $17,500+ | February Earnings = $18,800+
 | March Earnings = $21,800+  |  | April Earnings = $19,700+ 


Where else are you going to get proof like this? This is a genuine, and affordable, system that you can't turn down!

I Will Personally Provide You With 200,000+ New Email Leads Every Month, Which Is OVER 2.4 MILLION Potential Sales Every Year! 

Email Lists Are 100% Opt-In And 100% Legal To Use.

To prove my opt-in lists are genuine (and not a bunch of emails addresses harvested online) I will provide with each email, their FULL NAME; their FULL ADDRESS; their TELEPHONE NUMBER; and even their IP ADDRESS!! Now that's what I call OPT-IN and GENUINE!!

Email addresses and phone numbers have been concealed for privacy issues.

How Much Could You Make With Our Genuine Program...
Let's say you're selling an ordinary $10 product, and you have been a member to our site for 5 months, which means you've compiled over 1 million emails (200,000+ each month):

Sent Emails
Response Rate
100,000 (1 in 10)
10,000 (1 in 100)
1000 (1 in 1,000)
100 (1 in 10,000)
10 (1 in 100,000)

We can get you the potential VISITORS...
...The SALES are up to you!

New Leads = NEW SALES!

Requirements: Register as a Standard Member, receive 50,000+ NEW e-mail addresses every week, download our FREE bulk emailing software and BLAST YOUR AD as many times as you like! 

OR, Register as a PREMIUM MEMBER:

  • Receive 50,000+ opt-in emails & bulk emailing software

  • Allow Us to send YOUR AD once per month for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!!

  • Emails are 100% DELIVERABLE TO THE INBOX!

  • Create & Edit your Premium Ad - No HTML knowledge necessary!

  • Upload images or flash with just a few clicks!

  • Add & edit html codes, forms and more!

  • Preview and confirm your own ad!

  • View your ad's performance & statistics in REAL-TIME!!

  • Online Video Tutorial Teaching You How To Use Our System

Watch Our Video To See Just How Easy It is!

Video Tutorial

100% SPAM FREE & 100% Legal!!

***JUST ADDED*** - Hot Bonus:

150+ Videos - 22 Hours Of Quality Training - And Master Rights To Each Collection! (Worth $300)

- 29 Easy & Instant Web Design Tricks
- 15 Easy Ways To Boost Your Web Site Response
- 5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic For Free
- 7 Fast Ways To Get Great Links To Your Web Site
- 10 Easy Steps To A Google Friendly Page
- How To Master Web Graphics In 10 Easy Steps
- 18 Fast Ways To Explode Your Opt-In List

With Master Rights To Each Collection!

The Benefits ...

200,000+ Potential Customers EVERY MONTH For You To E-Mail Your Ad Campaign



Fresh Opt-In Leads Delivered To Your Inbox Every Week! There Is No Better Way To Market Your URL.



Send Your Own Campaigns From Your Own Computer Safely And With NO Spam or ISP Related Problems. I Even Provide You A List Of Free, And Paid, Software That Will Send These E-mails In Bulk For You.



Furthermore, I list Campaign Sites that will allow you to send emails from their site, track how many have been opened, and determine how many click-thrus you have received.



Let US Send Your Campaigns Using Our Own Servers, Giving Your Ad MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, As Our Emails Are Delivered Straight To The INBOX, and NOT To The Junk Mail Folder. Watch your campaigns performance in Real-Time!!



Download E-mail Addresses In Excel, CSV or NotePad Format



You DON'T Need A Web Site or Product To Make Money With This Proven System



I Will Give You A FREE Web Site And Over 1 Million WHOLESALE Products To Sell On It!



FULL Customer Details Included, Such As E-mail, Full Name, Postal Address, Telephone Number And Even IP Address!



Increase Your Web Site Traffic Every Week!


More Web Visitors Will INCREASE Your Rank in Alexa, thus increasing your rank in search engines!


BLAST Your Product SALES EVERY Week!! 


BLAST Your AFFILIATE Sales Like Never Before With Over 20,000 Products To Promote In Our Members Area



Watch Your Google Adsense EXPLODE


Even Start Your Own "Online Ad Business" - Get Paid To Send Peoples Ads


Finally quit that 9-5 depressing job as anybody can use this proven and effective system!



What's Included ...

50,000+ NEW OPT-IN Leads E-Mailed to you EVERY WEEK


As A Premium Member Let Us E-mail Your Ad Campaign For You - We Deliver Straight To The Recipients Inbox - No Emails Go To The Junk Mail Folder. Watch your campaigns performance in Real-Time!! Online Video Tutorial Teaching You How To Use Our System


$10 DISCOUNT Membership To My Web Site Worth $37.97 - Includes A Free Web Site And Over 1 Million Wholesale Products To Sell


150 Free Internet Marketing Training Videos (over 22 Hours - sold at $300).


FREE 4 DAY Tutorial on How to INCREASE your SITE TRAFFIC


FREE Software To Send Your E-Mails!


FREE Access To 20,000 Web Sites To Affiliate & Earn MEGA Commissions From


FREE 5 Key Steps To Writing An Effective Sales Letter


FREE Top 9 Tips & Secrets To Writing A Better Solo Ad


FREE eBook Guide To Co-Registration Leads




Are you getting tired of watching the sales trickle in?

Then You Need US!

Our program is without a doubt the best value you can find. Your return on investment could be tremendous.

***These Opt-In Leads Are 100% CanSpam Act Compliant***


Once You Register You Will Have Instant Access To Our Members Area.

I Can't Wait To Get My Hands On This 
Incredible DEAL!

We'll send your first 50,000+ Opt-In emails on the 1st Monday of the week, & every Monday thereafter to ensure you receive the freshest leads! Your leads will never be sent to more than 5 members to ensure minimal competition and maximum profit. 

You Can E-mail 50,000+ Potential 
Customers Every Week!

"Can You Feel The Excitement?"

We hope to be working with you!!

To Your Success,
Sean Clark
Sean Clark Enterprises

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